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“Japan's new Energy mix - creating a viable and trusted path” EU-Japan Science Policy Forum

EU News 413/2012

13 September 2012

Organised by:
the EU Delegation to Japan together with the EU Member States
and the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
Kyoto, Grand Prince Hotel
6 October 2012
13:00- 17:30

Prior to the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan planned to increase the share of nuclear generated electricity to 50% by 2030. New policies, announced recently, could lead to a full exit of nuclear power for Japan. A big debate has now begun.

Creating a new energy mix is challenging and will require great investments in the legal and physical infrastructure. It will need to be stable, cost-conscious for the economy and industry, respect environmentally sustainable emission values, and most importantly: it needs public acceptance.

What experiences are available and what kind of independent institutions can give advice? Furthermore, how can scientific knowledge be employed to guide and support this complex process?

The conference will start with an explanation of the government's new energy policies, followed by discussion between the chairs of two of the Fukushima investigation panels. They will describe what they learnt from their reviews and outline what needs to be done in the future.

The second part will address the question of what kind of instruments can science and scientific institutions offer to support decision making, whilst maintaining and increasing trust by the public and economic actors.

The third session turns to politicians to ask what kinds of information they need to make decisions, how science can support their work, what evidence can be utilised and drawn upon, and what ultimately shapes their decisions.


Geneviéve Fioraso

French Minister of Higher Education and Research

Kan Suzuki

Former Vice Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Masuo Aizawa

Executive Member, Council for Science and Technology Policy (CSTP)

Kiyoshi Kurokawa & Koichi Kitazawa

Chairs of the Investigation Panels

António Fernando Correia De Campos

President of STOA, EU Parliament


Master of Ceremony
Barbara Rhode: Delegation of the European Union to Japan

13:00 Welcome
Rudolf Strohmeier: DDG of the EU Directorate General, Responsible  for Research, Science and Innovation (DG RTD)
Prof. Shiraishi: (Member of JP 'Council of Science and Technology Policy (CSTP) and President of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies ( GRIPS)
Koji Omi: (Chair and Founder of STS)

Tateo Arimoto: Professor at GRIPS/ Director of RISTEX
Ernst Rietschel: German Academy of Technical Sciences

13: 30- 13:50 Scene Setter: Japan's New Energy Mix - Creating a viable and trusted path
Masaharu YagishitaSophia University

13:50 – 14:40 Panel 1: Learning from the past  -  Chairs of  Investigation Panels  
Kiyoshi Kurokawa: Diet Investigation Panel        
Koichi Kitazawa: Independent "Rebuild Japan" Investigation Panel

14: 40 – 15: 30 Panel 2: What Knowledge – What Instruments to give Advice?
António F Correia de Campos: President of Science, Technology Options Assessment (STOA), European Parliament
Gerry Thomas: Imperial College / Chernobyl data bank

15:30- 16:00 coffee break

16:00 – 17:15 Panel 3: Decision Making
Geneviève Fioraso: French Minister of Science and Higher Education
Masuo Aizawa: Executive Member of the CSTP/ Cabinet Office
Kan Suzuki: Diet/DPJ - former MEXT Vice Minister

Ernst Rietschel: German Academy of Technical Sciences

Closing Remarks
Kent Johansson: STOA Panel Member, European Parliament

End 17:30  

Please register by sending your name, affiliation and e-mail address to delegation-Japan-st(at)eeas.europa.eu (Please use “@” instead of “(at)”) before 18:00hrs, 3 Oct. We do not return a confirmation mail, unless the forum is oversubscribed and there is no place available. Please bring your meishi or your mail for registration in print for entry to the venue.

Dr. Barbara Rhode, barbara.rhode(at)eeas.europa.eu
Ms. Miki Ota, miki.ota (at)eeas.europa.eu


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